Deliverance from Demonic Packaging

Packaging or branding is a simply a Skillful art & act of deliberately controlling the Impulse & the Imagination of those within your area of Interest & Influence.

Demonic packaging Could be refer to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing an habit, attitudes, trends, apps, mentality or mindset for human embrace, consumption, adds and or fashion; e.g. Music, films, books, styles, Dance. The intent is for perversion, exchange, stink, sink the destiny.

Does God Package? He doesn’t need it God does not need that. He is a creator. He excellence personified. He is the King of Glory. Psalm 8:1, 24:7; Mat 17:

We need to study how he made Lucifer ( Ezek 28:13-15) who descended into Satan to know that packaging or branding is an attempt of Man to try to get close (not even closer) to her former status-quo.

Satan is a good Packaging experts. He simply and skillfully involve in this art In demonic packaging 3 things are major target

  1. Good for food: Carnal Consumption
  2. Pleasant to the eyes: Visualized Covetousness
  3. Desired to make one wise: Designed for destruction; a false sense of belonging

Good Examples

  1. Serpent and Eve: Gen 3:6
  2. Esau Vs. Jacob: Gen 27:1-41
  3. Eliab: 1Sam 16:6,7
  4. Jezebel: 2King 9:30 And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tired her head, and looked out at a window.


Packaging is Needed in our time because


55% Appearance is 55% of the impression you seek to create

38% Presentation

7% Content


But Why?

Unfortunately in our time SUCCESS is often measured in terms of obvious appearance and achievement.

Our world is now programmed in such a way that you may not be able to re-appear once you appear.

Relevance & Impression has direct correlation.


Our world is now tilting towards Impressed false Excellence


Pattern Structure of Packaging

  1. Something at Stake: Gen 27:6-12
  2. For Producers; it is the targeted Customers or Audience; but for the devil and his cohorts, it is Man’s Destiny and Glory.
  3. Man and Devil is always involved:
  4. Obstacle or hurdle to be overcome: Gen 27:11,12

Need for a balance here:

If there is packaging that the intent is for good Blessing is involved. But if its for evil, curse is involved. Jacob paid dearly later for his demonic branding at Laban’s house



Cost of demonic Packaging:


  1. Demonic Packaging shields you from God’s protection
  2. Demonic Packaging keeps you from God’s grace and expose you to disgrace
  3. Demonic Packaging decreases one’s glory and result in vain story.
  4. Demonic Packaging deforms, perverts, decreases and denies a destiny.
  5. Demonic Packaging gets your destiny and purpose to Stink and Sink.
  6. Demonic Packaging may start on a good note but the end is always bitter and leads to collateral damage:
  7. Demonic Packaging removes God glory and put fake popularity that ends in a loss and lost of glory unless God intervene


Way Out from Demonic Packaging: 2Chron 7:14,15



What Man Need To do?


  1. Shall humble themselves
  2. Pray
  3. Seek my face
  4. Turn from their wicked ways;


What God will do


  1. Then will I hear from heaven,
  2. Will forgive their sin,
  3. Will heal



  1. The greatest discipline you can ever attain in life is the discipline of the mind.
  2. Sometimes if you appear before your time, you will


disappear before your manifestation.

  1. Knowledge of the word of God guarantees solution to the


mysteries in your life.








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