USHERING & PROTOCOLS: Responsible for maintaining orderliness and decorum during our services.

WORSHIP TEAM: Makes the commission stronger in Christ through quality worship in spirit and in truth.

SIGHT & SOUND: Responsible for the audio visuals and quality audio for our services.

COUNSELLING & WELFARE: Provides Godly counsel to the hurting and support to those in need.

SANCTUARY KEEPERS & BEAUTIFIERS: Responsible for the ambience.

JUNIOR CHURCH TEACHERS: Breeding tomorrow’s leaders.

FAMILY LIFE TEAM: Building a better society through a closely knitted family rooted in biblical principles, helping the singles discover their purpose in God for their lives and navigating the right partner.

PUBLICITY & PUBLICATION: Expressing the ministry of our Church through the print media.

DRAMA & CHOREOGRAPHY: Dramatizing the truth of God’s word through stage play and dance steps.

HOLY POLICE: Responsible for providing security during our services.

PRAYER TEAM: Praying and interceding for the church and the nation.

EVANGELISM & OUTREACH: Responsible for soul winning.